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Hanging Ghost Flag

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Hanging Ghost Flag
Hanging Ghost Flag


Directions included to create: 
A flag 
Decoration for Door 
Hanging Hand Towel 
Large Decoration

Materials and Details 
Yarn: worsted weight 
White - (Hand towel: 200 yards cotton; Flag: 300 yards; Large: 700 yards/ 4 strands held together) 
Small amounts of the following colors: Orange, Purple, Lime Green

Hook: G, I, P/11mm

Miscellaneous: yarn needle for weaving in end, 3 large snaps (optional for closure)

Hand Towel: Body Width -12.5” across, Top Width - 16.5” across, Length - 20” 
Flag: Body Width - 14” across, Top Width - 19” across, Length - 19” 
Large Version with 2 strands: Body Width - 25” across, Top Width - 32” across, Length - 40” long 
Large Version with 4 strands: Body Width - 27” across, Top Width - 34” across, Length - 42” long

SIZES Included In Pattern: BIG Frank Pillow Sham - made from Bernat Blanket Yarn. Small Frank Pillow - made from worsted weight yarn.

Materials and Details 
Bernat Blanket Yarn/BIG Frank Version: Hair and shoes (Coal) - 220 yards; Pants and sleeves (Pow Purple) - 600 yards; Small amount of White and Grey; Body (Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Lemon Lime) - 600 yards; Small amount of black ww yarn for stitching smile and scar.

Worsted Weight: Hair and shoes (black) 200 yards, Body and hands (lime green) 400 yards, Pants and sleeves (purple) 400 yards, small amounts of white and grey yarn.

Hooks: BIG Frank - 9mm (M/N); WW - H, I

Miscellaneous: yarn needle for weaving in ends, 2 black buttons, sewing needle, black thread, small amount of stuffing for eyes (optional), stuffing for bottom of legs, pillow, old pair of black socks (optional for stuffing bottom of pant leg/shoe piece).

Base/Body Pieces (not including legs and arms): 
BIG Frank: 19” wide x 24” tall; Small Frank: 13” wide x 13” tall

Finished and stuffed: 
BIG Frank: 21” wide x 36” tall; Small Frank: 15” wide x 19” tall

Big thanks to JoAnne Thompson and Shaunna Hallsson for sharing their fabulous Frank pillows.


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