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Spring Cleaning Dishcloth Swap 2023

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Purchase of this item signs you up for our "Spring Cleaning Dishcloth Swap 2023" and is an agreement to follow the guidelines.


**OPEN TO U.S. addresses only.**

What You Will Need To Do For This Event

- Each person will crochet or knit 5 cloths and ship them to me (in Utah) between April 15th - May 1st. All packages must be postmarked by May 1st, 2023.
You are responsible for the shipping cost to me, but you will receive a pattern for a special snappy cloth to help offset the fee.

- if you sign up please start planning and making cloths right away. You have LOTS OF TIME to get these made, but not if you keep putting it off. 

Refunds are not given so please follow through if you sign up. 


  • Each participant will need to crochet or knit 5 wash/dishcloths. They can each be different.
  • Square or Round: approximately 6-8" square, round or similar are preferred.
  • Scrubbies are allowed. If they are small (under 4”) we ask that you send 2 per swap (so 5 sets of 2).
  • Use any crochet or knit pattern.
  • When in doubt about a pattern, please ask Heidi.
  • Need suggestions? PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask. We would love to help PLUS we post lots of links to free patterns in our facebook group for this event.
  • Swap Theme (optional): “Spring Cleaning”. This is just a suggestion to help with the planning process. You could choose cloths that are great for cleaning, use spring colors, or shapes for the season.

More information, including an invitation to a special FB group will be emailed to each participant.


What if something comes up and I have to cancel?

THINK WISELY and start making cloths at the beginning instead of waiting until the end and that eliminates this concern. The $6 fee is nonrefundable in hopes of getting people to stick to their commitment and remember the event.