The Great SPRING Handmade Gift Event

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update: This event is coming to an end and  all 12 of the patterns shyown, plus a bonus pattern, are now available for those that sign up. 

You can still join this event for just $8 until the end of June and have instant access to all 13 of the patterns.

Some of these patterns will be released separately for $3-4 each this fall.

Purchase of this listing signs you up for a 12-week event with Snappy Tots and includes 12 brand new crochet projects. Sign up is good for ONE person and is not to be shared among friends.

Upon purchase, you will be able to download a WELCOME LETTER with information for the event.

One amazing gift stash and fun people to crochet along with! Are you ready? I have decided to continue to offer this event at a major sale price of only $8 for all 12 patterns. This is a savings of $32!

You can work on the projects any time, now or later, because you will get the pattern file to download for each project.

Each Wednesday, from April 1st – June 17th, we will start a new project.

I’ve created 12 new crochet projects geared towards covering a variety of events. Many of these would also be good for craft fairs. 

What you will get?

Some of the projects are shown to give you an idea of what we have been working on so far.

A downloadable file for 12 new snappy projects, one sent each Wednesday. I also have a few extra goodies throughout the event too.

Some of the patterns will be sold separately for $3-5 each at a later date.

This includes 12 new snappy projects plus some extra goodies.

Buy 2 Subscriptions and save $4

Sign up a friend or have one sent as a gift and save $2 off your total ($12 instead of $16).

If you would like to purchase a second subscription to this event for someone who cannot afford to join or for a friend, please put two gift events in your cart and enter coupon code: 4afriend.

Please MAKE SURE $4 has been deducted from your total before checking out. Then I need you to email me and let me know the information for the second subscription.

About the Patterns

I have put together items that have been great gifts for me, things that have sold well in craft fairs, and gathered suggestions from many friends. 

Materials: All use worsted weight yarn. Some will have OPTIONS to ALSO make with other sizes of yarns. 

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